DMI Companies’ Lodi, California, manufacturing facility reached an impressive 3,000-day safety milestone on March 23, 2024.  For over eight years, leadership and employees have fostered a safe and productive work environment that is worth celebrating.

For those unfamiliar with DMI’s Lodi facility, it is more than just a small shop with a few employees in California.  In 2023 alone, they shipped nearly a combined 5 million feet worth of flange, vane, and cleat, and that’s not including standing S, angle, or spiral!  There is daily forklift traffic, maintenance, and trucks being loaded, contributing to a naturally dangerous work environment, which is what makes this safety milestone so significant.

“Reaching 3,000 days without an incident is a huge milestone for us, and I really want to thank everyone on our team for making it happen,” DMI Lodi Facility Superintendent Michael Blake said.  “Your hard work and commitment to keeping each other safe doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s because of your dedication that we’ve been able to achieve something that sets us apart not just within our team but across other business units as well. This achievement is a clear message about the importance of safety in our work. Let’s keep up the great work and continue to be a positive example for others to follow. Thanks again to each one of you for contributing to our safe work environment.”

A 3,000-day safety milestone is practically unheard of. None of DMI’s other manufacturing locations are relatively close to reaching this milestone as of yet. Currently, the Wagoner facility has the second-longest safety streak, and it is closing in on 450 days.

“The Lodi safety milestone is a particularly remarkable feat,” DMI Safety Manager Nick Dadig said. “The facility’s safety record is a direct reflection of the people there. We have several veteran employees, such as Sam Galano, David Mann, and Marco Soto, who have been instrumental in policing the facility. There is no doubt that the leadership there can continue this achievement.”

To put things in perspective, 3,000 days = 8.21 years = 4,320,000 minutes.  That’s the equivalent of watching 30,209 average-length movies! 

Congratulations to the Lodi facility on your 3,000-day safety milestone! Hopefully, with the dedication of leadership and employees, this safety streak will continue long past another 3,000 days.