Airoverse, the newest of DMI Companies’ business units, will offer Building Automation Systems (BAS) and indoor air quality sensors designed to meet the growing demand for smarter, energy-efficient and healthier environments in commercial spaces.

Airoverse offers a user-friendly, cloud-based platform for monitoring and controlling buildings on-site or remotely. This innovative solution leverages a robust suite of sensors, controllers and sophisticated algorithms to seamlessly manage any commercial building’s needs. Airoverse’s ability to predict conditions and proactively adjust building systems ensures optimal performance and significant cost savings, making building management more efficient and convenient.

Airoverse is committed to transforming commercial spaces to meet modern sustainability practices. Using advanced control technologies and strategic partnerships, Airoverse will create custom, expandable and smarter spaces for users to optimize indoor air quality (IAQ), energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

“Here at Airoverse, we’re building upon decades of HVAC industry experience in a single best-in-class solution,” Airoverse Business Development Manager Dan Quiroga said. “Commercial customers know that quality air is about more than a single unit or device; it’s about the whole system. You can expect more exciting additions to our universe of solutions as we bring this smart, sustainable future to life, one building at a time.”

Currently, Airoverse has partnered with 75F and Airthings to develop a variety of solutions, from simple IAQ monitoring to full building automation, with plans to expand into product development in the near future.

“DMI Companies is excited to launch Airoverse, its newest Strategic Business Unit and brand specifically focused on energy efficiency and indoor air quality,” DMI Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Smith said.  “We have teamed up with innovative IoT and Control manufacturers to develop easy-to-use building monitoring/management solutions for small-to-medium-size commercial buildings.  We look forward to working with building owners and HVAC contractors towards a smarter, more sustainable future.”

Initially, Airoverse will target medium to small-sized commercial buildings, both new and existing, such as office spaces, schools, government buildings and more.  Typically, these buildings don’t have tailored Building Automation Systems solutions to control their HVAC, as the options for this portion of the market are often too expensive, too complex or both.  With low costs and simple installation, Airoverse aims to provide the answer to this market’s needs.

For a detailed overview of Airoverse’s innovative solutions and to learn how they can benefit commercial spaces, visit or email [email protected].