With President Biden now in office, his plans to revive the manufacturing sector will soon begin to take shape. He announced his “Build Back Better” package in Pittsburgh, PA on April 7th. Part of his plan will be to fight climate change, which is something that many local businesses, including DMI Companies, have already been working towards.

Smaller manufacturers may need to rely on government incentives when the payback is not immediate. Organizations such as Catalyst Connection guide these companies that are just getting started in sustainable practices. President and CEO Petra Mitchell said, “In cases where that ROI might not be there, then it would be more of a challenge for a company to make some type of investment”.

Sustainability has long been part of the corporate strategy at DMI Companies. Some investments, such as solar panels, can take upwards of 10 years to see the payback.  However, there are many areas of sustainability that can both increase ROI and reduce environmental impact much quicker. Two of DMI’s four manufacturing facilities have achieved “zero waste to landfill” certifications, meaning that nearly zero waste ends up in landfills. This reduces methane and carbon dioxide emissions. Waste from manufacturing such as cardboard, plastic, wood, and scrap metal is sold to other businesses, which also eliminates the need for garbage removal services on these items. 

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