Renowned for its quality and reliability, Spiralmate is the round connection you can depend on.

What is Spiralmate?

Ductmate’s Spiralmate round duct connection system is the industry’s only self-sealing round flanged connector system of its kind that offers unsurpassed speed of installation, airtight integrity, and aesthetics.

Because the Spiralmate connector system is sold as a complete set, it consists of the following uniquely designed components:

  • Two mating round duct Connector flanges with Ductmate’s high-performance, non-hardening self-sealing 5511M mastic injected into the pocket.
  • Each Spiralmate flange is designed to adjust to the exact diameter of the duct.
  • A one-bolt closure band is engineered to quickly and safely clamp the Spiralmate flanges together without the need for multiple screws or bolts.
  • A high-density neoprene gasket is available, which allows for performance and adjustability at each connection.

Spiralmate offers the following exclusive, cost-saving features:

  • Sold as a complete connection
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Substantial reduction in labor
  • Airtight without external sealant
  • Clean appearance for exposed duct
  • Standard sizes from 8” – 120” in 2” increments
  • Tested to 18” w.g. positive and 10” w.g. negative
  • Available in six alloys

Spiralmate vs. Generic Connection Systems

Spiralmate is superior to generic connection systems when it comes to installed cost, safety, speed of installation, airtight integrity, adjustability, and aesthetics over a generic connection system.

With Spiralmate, the installed cost is lower because the cost includes the two factory-sealed flange rings and one bolt closure band required to make the connection, requiring no sealant or additional labor. In contrast, generic connections have each ring sold separately, plus the additional sealant and labor cost required to seal each connection.

The Spiralmate system is engineered to simplify the connection process with its one-bolt closure band design, which quickly and safely aligns and clamps each joint together for a superior seal and speed of installation. This process eliminates the added cost and labor of applying Tek screws manually at the connection, further enhancing safety and adjustability. Conversely, a generic connection requires multiple Tek screws around the circumference of each joint to complete the connection, decreasing worker safety while increasing installation time and leakage at the connection. Generic connections don’t allow for adjustability at the connection, either.

Lastly, Spiralmate is a clean, seamless connection that can be used as an architectural feature on exposed duct systems, while generic connections require exposed screws and sealant at the connection, ruining aesthetics.

Quick & Easy Installation

Spiralmate installation is quick and easy.  Don’t believe us? Watch our installation video and see for yourself just how easy it is to install Spiralmate.

Can I Customize My Order of Spiralmate?

Spiralmate comes in standard sizes from 8” – 120” in 2” increments.  For additional sizes, please consult a Ductmate representative.

Additionally, Spiralmate comes in six different alloys for a wide range of specialty applications, including galvanized metal, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and more.

For mining or unique applications, our alternative Ventmate is available. Ventmate is a connector clamp with the same high-quality neoprene gasket embedded into the closure band.  Consult Ductmate for more information on Ventmate applications.

Press-on inner rings are available for round ducts with 1” or 2” insulation, so no welding or fasteners are needed. Double-sided high-strength PSA tape can be applied for a simple on-site installation.

As always, we’re happy to work with you to deliver the products you need.

Where Can I Buy Spiralmate?

Ready to buy Spiralmate? Ductmate products are available at over 350 locations across the US as part of a selective distribution network.  Use the Ductmate distributor locator map to find a distributor near you.