When heavy-duty ductwork requires heavy-duty connections, the Ductmate ‘45’ connector system provides a better solution.  Let DM ‘45’ solve your problems for you.

What is the DM ‘45’ System?

Ductmate (DM) ’45 ’ is a self-sealing rectangular duct connection system for when a rigid, leak-free connection is required in industrial applications, such as data centers, semiconductor plants, battery plants, wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, oil rigs, stadiums/arenas, underground rail stations/subways, and more.

The DM ‘45’ connection system consists of precision roll-formed flanges, corner pieces, gasket and cleat. The flanges attach to the duct wall and have an integral mastic that allows the flange to seal itself to the duct. Corner pieces add rigidity to the flange, hold the ductwork together and provide a sealing surface for the gasket. The gasket serves as a seal between the flanges. The Ductmate Versa-Cleat ensures equal compression of the gasket along the length of the flange, and the Ductmate Bolt-On Cleat option is ideal for large spans and hard-to-reach areas.

DM ‘45’ has been tested in accordance with SMACNA testing procedures. No external sealant was employed, and the test results reveal that the Ductmate ‘45’ system is comparable to a SMACNA Class K transverse joint.

The DM ‘45’ system offers a wide range of unique, functional, and cost-saving characteristics:

  • Simple installation
  • Incredible material and labor-saving characteristics
  • Ideal for duct gauges 10 – 18 ga (fits 10 ga. – 22 ga. steel)
  • Easy to cut and assemble: No heavy black iron angle to cut, paint, weld or holes to drill.
  • Self-sealing: No additional sealing or associated labor required
  • Available in a wide range of specialty metals for virtually any application
  • 4-bolt corner and cleat combination is the safest, most efficient means of connecting large ducts on site
  • Sealing materials meet NFPA 90A & B Class 1 requirements
  • Virtually no leakage at up to 12” WG positive pressure or down to 12” WG negative pressure
  • Specified and used as an architectural feature
  • Optional cut-to-length flange reduces fabrication time and scrap (additional cost, minimum quantities and size restrictions may apply)
  • Free engineering assistance and duct construction information further reduces installation costs

What Are the Benefits of Using DM ‘45’?

With the DM ‘45’ system, you’ll reap maximum cost, time, and labor savings.

Because the DM ‘45’ is a self-sealing slide-on connector system without welding to achieve an airtight seal, its four-bolt design with optional bolt-on or snap-on cleat (which replaces countless nuts and bolts) makes ease of installation and airtight integrity simple.  By eliminating the need to weld, you’ll save on overall installation and labor costs.  It’s no wonder why the DM ‘45’ has become the clear choice over the labor-intensive companion angle.

Equal in strength to a SMACNA K Class 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” x 3/16” angle, the DM ‘45’ system has the strength you need to connect the biggest duct imaginable without the labor-intensive fabrication processes of drilling bolt holes, welding frames, or applying rust-proof coatings.

Concerned about aesthetics with a companion angle? Choose the DM ‘45’ system for a cleaner, professional look.  While galvanized steel is the standard, Ductmate offers the DM ‘45’ system in aluminum, 316 stainless steel, and black iron specialty metals.  Backed by rigorous testing and our industry-leading guarantee, large-scale critical air systems are better with the DM ‘45’ system.

Where Can I Buy the DM ‘45’ System?

Ready to buy the DM ‘45’ system? Ductmate products are available at over 350 locations across the US as part of a selective distribution network.  Use the Ductmate distributor locator map to find a distributor near you.