Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Walter F. John Bender III serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for DMI Companies. John, as he is known, joined DMI Companies in 2015 through the acquisition of Linx Industries, formally known as Lindab Incorporated, where he served as the Director of Information Technology. John was promoted to Chief Information Officer in 2018. As Chief Information Officer, John is charged with the creation of IT initiatives that align with the strategic goals of the organization. He also provides leadership for the development of innovative solutions, integrating emerging and existing technologies to transform business processes. Ensuring the continuous delivery of mission-critical IT infrastructure and services, information security services, enterprise application services, and client support services are the primary responsibilities of his department.

John began his career in 1998 with TDS, Inc., a government technology firm where he performed various roles with clients such as the Department of Justice/Office of Justice Programs, the National Gallery of Art (NGA), and the Department of Defense (FWIC). In 2003, John joined Keane, Inc. a global technology consulting firm where he served as a Senior Consultant providing technology advisory services, project management, support, and service solutions management to numerous clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies, to the Federal Government where he worked with the Department of Homeland Security (US Visit Program). John joined Lindab Incorporated in 2008 to provide the IT strategic vision, leadership, and operational planning to ensure organizational goals and objectives were met. John was quickly promoted to Director of IT where he also served as a member of the Senior Management team. As the Director of IT, he managed both projects and teams scattered throughout North America and Europe. John motivated the organization to think “outside of the box” by challenging the group with progressive ideas/concepts.

John is an industry-certified professional and facilitates success through his ability to assess a situation quickly, provide positive direction and leadership, as well as the effective alignment of IT solutions with business objectives.

Outside of DMI Companies, he enjoys learning new trends in the IT industry. He also enjoys flying, traveling, and spending quality time with his family. He is passionate about Animal Rights as well as children and families in need. He contributes to the World Wildlife Fund and the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, where he and his family have had personal experiences.